SEO (search engine optimisation) and PPC (pay per click) are terms that are familiar with both corporate business and independent traders alike when it comes to getting your business seen online. From search engine results to adverts on Instagram SEO and PPC are essential to modern business practise. When used in combination they are an invaluable tool for getting your business, services, and products seen both in the long and short term.


SEO (search engine optimisation) is a key part of getting your business seen online by ranking as high as possible on search engines. Many years ago SEO was simply ensuring your website had the correct keywords, nowadays there are numerous aspects of SEO to cover before you can improve your search engine ranking. I have a track record of effective SEO implementation that can help your business be seen, and even beat the competition when it comes to search engine rankings.
Key advantages of SEO
SEO provides excellent long term value for your business and is a solid investment, why pay for customers to visit your business via adverts when they can find it for themselves! SEO also gives your business great exposure and customer awareness, with your website being present in search results for similar brands and business types. There is also a trust factor that comes with SEO, when a customer organically finds your website on the front page of Google as opposed to being fed an advert or a mail shot.

SEO services include:

  • SEO audits
  • SEO overhauls
  • SEO planning
  • SEO development and research



PPC (pay per click) is the flip side to SEO, PPC is an online marketing strategy that can be run in tandem with SEO planning or as a strategy in itself. On a fundamental level PPC is paid advertising that you might see tagged with the word “advert” or “sponsored” on search engine results and social network platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. Put simply an advert is created and aimed at your target market, this can increase sales, traffic, content views and a whole range of end goals that you may choose to focus on. Having spent a lot of time and energy understanding PPC in very competitive industries I know I can get the results you and your business are after.

Key advantages of PPC
PPC has it’s advantages when it comes to getting immediate results, unlike SEO that can take time to develop and improve your website’s ranking in search results, PPC offers results straight off the bat by delivering adverts to your customer base as soon as the ad is made live. The results are also quantifiable with feedback from the various ad services being easily accessible. PPC can also be more directly targeted at selected audiences, so for example rather than reaching your customers who search for the term “sweet shop London” you can instead target customers who specifically like chocolate bars and live in Stratford.

PPC services include:

  • PPC campaigns
  • PPC development and research
  • PPC budgeting
  • PPC strategy

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